Signal Hill

Country  New Zealand (Oceania) [Otago]
Other names: Te Pahuri, Te Rangipohika
Elevation: 393 masl  0K
Summit (Latitude, Longitude): -45.847142, 170.558631

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Signal hill (Dunedin)

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  532 m   371 m
  424 m   -108 m

4.54 km 5.3 km 9.84 km
1h 3min 36s 57min 20s 2h 0min 56s
4.28 km/h 5.55 km/h 4.88 km/h


Easy walk in the city of Dunedin.
You can park your car and start to walk either from Logan park, where this track starts, or a bit further, at the Signal Hill reserve car park, marked in the track with the waypoint named Alternative start.

Once we start walking we take the track that leads to a cemetery which we cross and get to Signal Hill road. We follow this road all the way up until there are no more houses and a bit further we take a gravel road on the left hand side to head towards Signal Hill summit. To get to the summit we need to go through a couple of gates until we reach the top where we find some antennas.

We go back on the same track until we get back to the Signal Hill road. We follow the road up until we get to the lookout from where we enjoy fantastic views of Dunedin.
We come down a bit and take a left of the gravel road that leads to the mountain bike tracks. We keep going down on different tracks for hikers all the way down to the end of the mountain bike tracks.
We continue walking a bit further until we get back to the car.