Country  Austria (Europe) [Tirol]
Range: Stubai Alps (Alps)
Elevation: 2718 masl  2K
Summit (Latitude, Longitude): 47.123814, 11.381447

Enrique Cartagena has summited Serles 1 time

From Maria Waldrast

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  1395 m   2710 m
  1388 m   1631 m

4.86 km 4.79 km 9.65 km
2h 35min 54s 1h 17min 22s 3h 53min 16s
1.87 km/h 3.72 km/h 2.48 km/h


The track starts at the Maria Waldrast resort. We need to pay 3 Euros to be able to get all the way to the resort with our car where there is a big parking area where we can leave the car and start our ascent to Serles.
The first part of the track we will be walking inside a forest.
The second part takes place once we leave the forest behind and walk beside an area with loose stones until we arrive at a col.
At the col we make a right and a few meters later we find a rocky part that starts by climbing a ladder followed by a few more sections where there is a cable to help us should we desire so. This part is the most technical one but it is never difficult at all. It is not difficult, it is not exposed and it is fairly short. I had my harness and via ferrata set with me but I didn't find the need to use it.
The last part of the hike is a mix of rock and loose stones which is not long and not difficult either. Soon we will see the cross at the top and we will arrive at the coveted summit.
Enjoy the magnificent views!