Mount Cargill

Country  New Zealand (Oceania) [Otago]
Other names: Kapukataumahaka
Elevation: 676 masl  0K
Summit (Latitude, Longitude): -45.813086, 170.554741

Enrique Cartagena has summited Mount Cargill 1 time

Mount Cargill, Butters peak and Organ Pipes

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  769 m   694 m
  779 m   112 m

4.3 km 6.98 km 11.28 km
1h 16min 38s 1h 43min 5s 2h 59min 43s
3.36 km/h 4.06 km/h 3.76 km/h


This easy track starts at Bethune's gully carpark, at the end of Cluny street in Dunedin. It goes up Mount Cargill (676m) as the main summit and also takes a detour to go up Butters Peak (617m) and further down visit the Organ Pipes.

In the first part of the ascent you will be walking through very tall trees inside Bethune's Gully reserve. Once you get out of the forest you will start enjoying some nice views of the surroundings. After a bit more than 4 kilometres of easy but steep walk you will be at the top of Mount Cargill enjoying the views.

After 500 metres going down we take a well-marked detour on the left-hand side towards Butters Peak and the Organ Pipes.
200 meters after the detour we are at the top of Butters Peak enjoying the fantastic views.
1300 meters further down we arrive at the Organ Pipes. I felt a bit deceived by the Organ Pipes. Maybe I was expecting too much out of it.
At the Organ Pipes I went out of the well-marked track, going up a bit, first on the rocks and then through the dense vegetation. I got some nice views of Butters Peak and Mount Cargill but that's about it.

To go back to the car you just follow the same easy track that took us here.

More pictures at Butters Peak